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She's a legend for high-return, risk-adverse stock market Value Investing …

A world-renowned as former editor of The Fleet Street Letter Editor and Oxford Club Wealth Advisory Panel member, as editor of The Rising Tide Value Letter and The Optionist trading service.

He's a legend for obscene profits from Chinese and Asian stocks as founder of The China Club and Asia Business & Investing.

They Are Lynn and Andy Carpenter … the Stock Market Power Couple …

Andrew Carpenter

As editor of theWall Street Revelator, Andrew Carpenter brings more than two decades of successful global investing and research to the job each day. Andy is a former journalist and business writer for such notable newspapers as The Boston Globe and The Washington Times. A nominee for the 1996 Pulitzer Prize, Andy won the Associated Press Mark Twain Award in 1996 and 1997 (for business and healthcare coverage), as well as the Landmark Award in 1996 for business writing.

Harvard educated, Andy remains the only American journalist to write for the Mandarin language Shanghai Security News, a daily paper that's considered China's Wall Street Journal. He founded the cutting edge Asia Business & Investing newsletter in 2003. Andy's exploits have been chronicled in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Business Journals and Investor's Daily Edge. He was the first American to lead U.S. investors into China's Hainan Province. With the Wall Street Revelator, Andy is untethered from Asia. He now focuses his well-honed research skills on scouring the corners of the earth for medium-risk high-reward opportunities, most of which are easily accessed on U.S. markets.

During recent years Andy's readers booked notable for winners such as these:

  • Cosco Singapore (CSCMY) +562%
  • EasyLink Solutions (ESYL) +3,725%
  • Darling International (DAR) +101%
  • Chia Shin Cement (0669.HK) +430%
  • General Steal Holdings (GSI) +670%
  • Lingo Media (LMDCF) +141%
  • China Natural Gas (CHNG) +452%
  • Posco (PKX) +188%
  • Yanzhou Coal Mining (YZC) +490%
  • Xinyuan Real Estate (XIN) +87%
  • Starbucks (SBUX) +411%
  • China Automotive (CAAS) +350%

Lynn Carpenter

Lynn Carpenter began building her reputation as an investing legend in the mid 1990s as an editor at The Oxford Club. Then, Agora Publishing handed her the reins of the prestigious Fleet Street Letter. Once at the helm of the English language's oldest financial advisory, Lynn tripled Fleet Street's subscriber rolls in less than three years.

During her decade at Agora, Lynn also founded the Contrarian Speculator options trading service and was a longtime member ofThe Oxford Club's Wealth Advisory panel. Just retired from a run that spanned two decades as founder/editor of the world-renownedThe Optionist trading service, today, Lynn focuses her prodigious investing talents on theWall Street Revelator.

Prior to dominating the financial markets, Lynn was the vice president of a Washington, DC, lobbying firm and helped pen sections of Ronald Reagan's State of the Union addresses. She also taught Linguistics at University of North Carolina.

During recent years Lynn's readers booked notable returns such as these:

  • Express Scripts (ESRX) +597%
  • Guess? (GES) Nov 05 to Oct 07 +248%
  • Canadian National Railway (CNI) +363%
  • Guitar Center (GTRC) +195%
  • Dentsply(XRAY) +449%
  • Templeton Dragon Fund +192%
  • Centex (CTX) +546%
  • Vale (VALE) +264%
  • Blue Nile (NILE) +102%
  • Ameriprise (AMP) +97%